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I'm Jaaved Khatree and I'm a self-taught web designer and SEO expert / Internet Marketing Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. I also studied at QUT where I obtained a double degree in Marketing and Information Technology.

For a few years, I managed a branch of one of Brisbane's longest running Web Design & Internet Marketing companies. I eventually became the Senior Search Marketing Specialist where I spent my days devising successful online strategies that:

  • drive traffic to websites through exceptional viral marketing and ranking improvements.
  • maximise exposure for businesses and their websites through better rankings in search engines.
  • convert visitors into customers through exceptional design and consumer behaviour insight.

It's safe to say that I live and breathe SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Internet Marketing in general. and I love Brisbane!


So why should you choose me as your SEO Expert?

project manager
Jaaved the Project Manager - I've managed all sorts of online presence projects, web design projects, SEO/Internet marketing projects and marketing projects.
account manager
Jaaved the Account Manager - I've enjoyed building relationships with my clients and being entrusted with their Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing accounts and projects. I pride myself on being an excellent written and oral communicator and love doing presentations.
web designer
Jaaved the Web Designer - Quite simply, I love web design. For me it's more than just a home page, about us page and contact us page. It's your business and your ideas which are available to the world and I've designed loads of websites for small businesses and individuals that they have been proud to publicise. I've been known to dabble in PHP to help give some websites a bit more oomph.
seo and internet marketing specialist
Jaaved the SEO Expert & Internet Marketing Specialist - I've been charged with looking after the SEO for many businesses and have had great success along the way. Regardless of the task at hand, I love coming up with a comprehensive and long term SEO solution that gets results. I'm also a Google AdWords Qualified Professional.
computer repair guy
Jaaved the IT guy - Although my forte is web design and SEO, I've been known to tinker with hardware and software issues. I've provided technical support in a number of professional and personal situations.


and I'm also an Inbound Marketing Consultant. It's a lovely title for someone who focuses on attracting inbound leads for your business through quality web design, SEO, social media activity, landing page optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and a whole heap of other digital marketing techniques. With a title like that, you're an expert in the true sense of the word.

What's an Online Strategy and why do I need one?

Your online strategy is a guide on how you plan to use the Internet to your advantage. It's not an option - it's mandatory. The Internet is the new battleground for business and you need to ensure that you're staying well ahead of your competitors.

An Online Strategy includes the following (but is not limited to):

- Website (enough said)
- Microsites (focusing on niche markets/products, maximising business exposure)
- SEO campaign (coming up on page 1 for all of your relevant keywords)
- CPC/PPC campaign (eg. Google AdWords - this helps drive traffic to your website)
- Social Media (using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon...)
- Banner ads (maximises exposure, promotes products/services, drives traffic)
- Article Distribution/Content Building
(getting more info about you, out across the WWW)
- Link Building (more quality inbound links = better rank in Google & heightened relevancy)

and a plan on how to use each of these to give you an unbeatable lead over the competition!

Consult with me and we'll come up with an effective long term online strategy for you.

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PS. I do not outsource my SEO. I live in Brisbane, I have clients from Brisbane and abroad and all work is carried out by me. I'm not interested in outsourcing!

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Quick Definition:

SEO - stands for Search Engine Optimisation and describes the process of improving the overall 'readability' of a website by a search engine. With improved readability comes an improvement in rank and with this comes an increase in more qualified traffic. An experienced SEO specialist like myself can help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. Ask me how!

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jaaved khatree is a google adwords qualified professional